Scatterday B was just that bountiful bodges

Well it has been an eventful fortnight.  For a start I actually did some cooking and that is a rare event in this household. I attempted to make some rissoles, as hamburgers are my most favourite food. Unfortunately there weren't many leftovers in the fridge and so I substituted with fresh food. My hamburgers have always been made with whatever is leftover in the fridge, and so a 1kg packet of mince often ends up being at least a 2kg if not even 3kg hamburger mixture. Always tasty and a handy staple for the freezer.
Well after four eggs I had run out of eggs, and with the mixture still falling apart thought it may as well become a bolognese (always thought it was spelt bologonaise - but online dictionary and wikipedia both state that I am wrong!!). Added the obligatory tomatoes, tomato paste and italian herbs.  Now had a bolognese reject and decided to go for chilli con carne.... not bad when you consider what happened in the process.  So for smell it has to be bolognese reject.

Library well it really has to be book or book based doesn't it. However I live in a trendy town with lots of modern yuppies who refuse to have anything which is considered dull and boring and so when our library was recently refurbished, in truth demolished and rebuilt, they installed a bench for people who want to loiter around the door way.  I had meant to go into Kiama to photograph it, but haven't managed it. This bench is the closest that I could find on the net, except our bench is double sided and the slats go horizontally rather than vertically. If the image isn't there check this link where you can see it.

Equipment...will have to think on that a bit more...ok after much thought and surfing I have found a Hogarth Book Press. This wonderful machine was owned by Virginia Woolf and her husband and was used to print books. The use of this machine by the Woolf's lead to major changes to the printing industry in terms of the books which they published at times challenging censorship of the times. They were also innovative in cover art, different aspects of printing and book marketing. Not only did they publish works by provincial authors but also those in the colonies and they published quite a range of genres.

I know it is a brag but I still like my second blog which relates to my Raconteur quilt. I stopped writing on it a few months ago when I started a yahoo group and have decided to restart it again.... as I have just so much time on my hands.

Stop press... just thought of another piece of equipment Bernina 750QE .. my new toy... yet to be delivered but I can't wait for it.... also can't find an image for it so good thing I found the book press a few days ago.

Happy surfing everyone. Look forward to catching up with all of the scatterday posts


Vireya said...

Your bench photo isn't showing up for me for some reason.

Love the story of the bolognese reject!

Vireya said...

Just had a look at the bench by right-clicking on the photo and copying its URL. That is an amazing bench!

Jenny said...

You can't beat a Bernina, can you. Mind you, whatever sewing machine we own, we love them for all the work they do.
I do most of the cooking in our household, but DH is very good at whipping up bacon and eggs for Sunday breakfast.

Pauline Mitchell said...

The bolognese looks very tasty! I found the press very interesting.....but the bench looks more like a placemat!!!! I'll take another peek at your blog. Enjoy the spare time it withers quickly!

Pauline Mitchell said...

Bingo! Thanks for the tip, Vireya! What a magnificent bench!

aubirdwoman said...

love the bolognaise...a new Bernia ohhhh green with envy.
I love all blogs with photos or pictures .. ummm does that say anything about my brain lol.

jacaranda said...

Your posts always amuse me, they are so well written. Must try Vireya's tip on the bench photo. Love spag bog.