Who is Cinzia on Scatterday?

Can't always rely on scheduling...this should have been uploaded early in the morning but I found on checking my settings that it is set to upload early next Saturday...Can't win them all.

So what are some of the things that make me what I am

C for cooking. When Paul and I were married he was used to having a fully English cooked breakfast every day. I tried and lasted two days. At which point he was told that either he cooked it or he didn't get it. I have never been a morning person.

I for intuitive or an idealist. In 1985 Paul and I were married. Two days before the wedding his parents flew into Sydney airport. As Paul was ill I had to drive and collect them.  I was, and still am, a country kid. I hated street directories, or was it just that I was too lazy to use one. Either way you can picture the situation. I am driving the parents back to Wollongong, hoping that a sign turns up soon telling me where to turn. Paul's father not too keen on my occasional, 'I think I should have gone down there' comments, asks if I know where I'm going. My response of 'It's somewhere down on the left' didn't inspire any confidence and he started to search for the Gregory's. Fortunately the Wollongong sign turned up shortly after.

N for totally non neat freak. I used to be very tidy and orderly but as I have aged my neatness has reached a sensible phase and my places now look lived in.

Z for zombie which is the best description I can give for how I am after I find a great book. Unfortunately I am not one who can put a book down and so will read until 3a.m. or even 4a.m. You can imagine how I was going to work that day. That is why I stopped reading during term time, either the book had to be boring so I could put it down. In this case it wasn't worth picking up. Or alternately I didn't sleep. Great book I read earlier this year is January First, it's about a child's development of early onset schizophrenia.

I for immature However immature I may be at times I don't believe that this is a real elephant

A for algebra. This was one of the parts of maths I loved best when at school and still enjoy teaching it to kids. I love it when they finally understand how to use it and they see that once you have algebra the rest is easy peasey.


Vireya said...

Fantastic, CINZIA!

Thanks for the smiles.

Pauline Mitchell said...

My neatness was on the low end of the scale and I haven't improved even though I try! Anyway, life goes on. Those Amish children deserve a medal for having blown up that elephant ballon! Thanks for the laughs.

jacaranda said...

Well done Cinzia, your challenge was met. Love the elephant. Great posting this fortnight.