Collection 31 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 31

Sugar and Spice the colours suggested a little girl of yester years in a time when girls were described as being sugar and spice
C31 Sugar and Spice

Floating Star was such an obvious name at a time when I was definitely not feeling very creative :-)
C31 Floating Star

There were so many pieces in this blocks that is suggested the Tinkle of the Keys
C31 Luca

Luca was a young girl that brightened everyone's day whenever she crossed one's path.
C31 Tinkle of the Keys

I know that it looks nothing like the hammer and sickle but the asymmetric setting just reminded me of the Russian flag
C31 To Russia With Love

Absolutely no idea where South Street is nor what is so great about number 16 but it seemed like the perfect name when I thought of it.
C31 Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has influenced many designs since its construction and this is yet another.
C31 16 South Street

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