Quiltmaker Blog Hop Begins

Well today is the day. Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Volume 11 blog tour begins here

This is my block Tall Ships which developed from my Raconteur - The Storyteller's Collection quilt. Isn't it amazing the difference made with different colour/value selection. All that I have done is reverse the darks and the lights and the block looks fantastic now ... says she with a totally biased opinion. Don't you love the starburst in the middle of the block .. it is so much more alive now?

The actual plan for this block was to make it even slightly larger than what it is, but unfortunately I didn't realise that when I printed the foundation papers my settings were 'fit to page' rather than the usual 'do not scale'. This meant that it printed at 93% and explains why the points don't quite reach the end. We all live and learn

The original quilt was started in 2012 and consists of 363 miniature hexagonal blocks. I have been able to design many new quilts and blocks from that treasure trove. 

One thing I discovered making this block for Quiltmaker is that when you make something bigger it is a lot easier. The original block was 2 1/4in ... including the border. Quiltmaker blocks are 12in. That makes it a lot easier. In fact the Quiltmaker block took only a bit over an hour to make, whereas the Raconteur block took several hours. 

Today is my wedding anniversary ... what a coincidence. Paul and I have been married for thirty wonderful years.

If you would like to have a chance to win your own copy of the latest issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks simply leave your name and the year that you found someone special in the comments below. 

Make certain that there is a link to your email addy or there is some way that I am able to contact you as anonymous entries cannot win. Good luck. 

After leaving your name check back to Quilty Pleasures for links to other blogs where you may win.