Collection 32 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 31

Do you remember those hot summer days and the unfortunate sunburn that often resulted from a day spent at the pool? How many of us didn't have a time or two that we closely resembled the sunburnt lobster?
C32 Sunburnt Traditions

Doesn't life feel like you're in a whirl when you fall head over heals in love with your new desire?
C32 Heart's Desire

I know the block is symmetrical and it's blue and the name Symmetry in Blue just came to me for no other reason.
C32 Kew Gardens

I don't know if Kew Gardens have a maze or not but the design suggested those hedges we see in the old fashioned gardens and as I was in England at the time it seemed appropriate.
C32 Symmetry in Blue

Well here you have the fashionable, and painful, Stilettos along side the grandma's version of less pointy and so less painful kitten heels. I prefer the kittens but that's probably because I don't have legs to complement the stilettos.
C32 Stilettos

The circling birds reminded me of a fact I believed as a child... 'birds fly south for the winter'. 
Why, I always wondered, as it was colder going south? My childhood was filled with books written for a northern hemisphere child rather than an Australian child.
C32 Grandma's Apron

Doesn't the fabric remind you of the apron's worn by everyone's grandma and wasn't she the centre of your life when you were growing up?
C32 North for the Winter

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