One Man's Trash .....

Well I have been given a friend's unwanted scraps and boy what a monumental task it has been to organise them. I have been cutting for over two weeks and now have managed to clean up most of it but I was wondering this morning could I have done it better and after a bit of surfing have discovered that yes...... I could have completed it a lot more efficiently.
One site that I found is this one by Cindi Souder who gives some good suggestions on how to organise yourself for both better/cleaner cutting and more organised time management in the task of cutting fabric. Hopefully I remember it for next time but for now I have cut the following queen sized quilts from my friend's 'rubbish'
  • Storm at Sea
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Penrose Tiles
  • Three strippy quilts
  • Two hexagon scrooge quilts
What makes it even more amazing is those were cut from her small scraps. There still remain larger pieces to be cut ... another day!