Collection 36 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 36

Doesn't everyone just love raspberry syrup swirled through their vanilla ice cream? 
C36 Raspberry Ripple

Yes I realise that it should have been golden star bursts but apart from the colour it looks perfect. 
C36 Starburst

I made this after a trip around Turkey(?) where I had watched some dancers whose costumes flowed in and out inviting others to join.
C36 The Dish

The Dish is an Australian movie retelling the roll of the men working at the Parkes radio telescope in the first landing on the moon,
C36 Twirl With Me

Surely the title, Blue Diamond, came from the shapes and the image of light radiating from the middle. 
C36 Blue Diamond

The fabric suggests a storm radiating from the middle in Eye of the Storm.
C36 Nine to Five

Yes I did watch the Dolly Parton movie Nine to Five and laughed right through it.
C36 Eye of the Storm

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