Ocean Waves

A few years ago my friend Terri started a class using a wedge ruler. After she finished making all of the wedges the project sat in her 'to be finished' pile long enough for her to buy a new table. This one was long rather than circular and so the planned circular table cover was not going to suit.

 So off she went and played with her finished blocks...... the result was a gorgeous runner which Patchwork and Stitching thought others would like and so published the instructions for it. 

I recently received these photos from Susan of the results of a sewing day she had with a few of her friends. Funny isn't it how Susan has completed the cycle, joining her wedges into a full circle as per the original class.

The circular table centre is by Susan Flynn, while the red and green runner belongs to Judy Smith and the purple one in the same photo is by Linda Allen.  These three women all belong to Clermont Patchwork and Quilters Group. The single runner was made by Sandra Galvin from Walcha who visits the Clermont annually whilst her husband is gold prospecting.

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