BOM 56 - Child's Bouquet

C56 child's Bouquet

I just love the image of young children with bunches of flowers. You see some huge ones and many smaller ones, held out to a person they love... often their mum ;-)


BOM 51 - When I am King

C49 When I am King

Funny title and absolutely no idea where it came from. Could be that it is a simple block and the life of a king often seems so simple... 'Do what I say or off with one's head!


BOM 49 - Grandma's Garden

C49 Grandma's Garden

I am positive that everyone knows the origin of this block title. Raconteur is actually just a large version of the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden ...with a few extra pieces thron in for excitement.


Detour Tassie Style

Well trip has been good so far apart from a three hour plus detour today. Our plan for today was a three to four hour drive from Pedder Wilderness Centre in Strathgordon to Queenstown. Via direct route this looked pretty good. As we were driving along we kept passing these tiny A3 or A2 size max signs saying the road will be closed for varying times on different days along the stretch. This didn't worry us as the first date was next week. Anyway we did a bit of sightseeing at a hydro power station along the way and then just after 1:00 Paul took over for his turn....

We then drove 45km to a spot about 2km before Derwent Bridge where we encountered a road closed sign with no indication of alternative route. backtracking short distance and then taking a left turn along a road we knew was wrong we found a sign telling us that the detour we needed was back the way we had just come, no indication of how far we needed to travel to reach the detour. So we returned looking for the indicated road, called 14 Mile Road. After more than 20km we figured we had made an error as we hadn't yet encountered any roads coming off our road, did another Ueee and headed back to the road closure. At that point we figured we would follow the wrong road and ask at the next town, 400m by signage but closer to 7km in actual fact.
At the town we were told yes we had to return to the hydro power station....45km back mind you....and then a few more kms beyond that where we would find 14 Mile Road. So back we go.... again!
At the hydro power station we again ask directions and are told to look for sign saying Laughing Jack Lagoon. Good thing too because the sign saying 14 Mile Road was just a normal street sign in the middle of nowhere! At least Laughing Jack Lagoon was a big sign. Oh and nothing to tell us that we needed to take this road as the main road was closed.
We are then heading along a one lane dirt road. Note this is the only detour road for the main highway. It is also the road that the loggers with HUGE trucks loaded to the top with logs are SPEEDING along in the opposite direction! 

Saw one fellow going in opposite direction in a tiny car pull over to allow some idiot in a 4WD to overtake then he slowly pulled out to follow. A few corners later was where we passed the logging truck flooring it heading in same direction as the tiny car. We were lucky we just stopped and waited for it to pass but that poor fellow would have scored the shock of his life when he saw it in his rear view mirror! He would have been sweating over the road closure for sure! Anyway we continued along the dirt road for another twenty or so minutes until we came out 7km beyond the road closure. We had travelled over 150km to cover that 7km stretch! Spoke to one guy about the lack of signage and he replied, 'it's Tasmania'
Seems as though they are working their way down our highway. We had just caught up to 'today's' stretch of road. You would think they would work on half the road but not in Tassie, particularly where there are no nearby alternatives! Hey even a sign bigger than a normal street name sign wouldn't hurt. They do get visitors down here!
Fingers crossed for no more detours.



Collection 42 - Where did that name come from?

C42 Bouquet for Mary

Would you believe that I don't actually know a Mary and so have never had a Bouquet for Mary, however when I made this block that was the name that appeared in my head and so it remained.
C42 The Two of Us
The colour of the fabric suggested Ruby Red for this block. All of the bits in the block looked like a pile of gems.

C42 Ruby Red
As each of the sections was made of two identical sections The Two of Us seemed the right name for this block. Funny isn't it sometimes there is no reason a name just seems to suit.

C42 Twirling Dervish

On one of our holidays we saw some dancers who are known as Twirling Dervish. It was wonderful how their 'dresses' swirled. I suppose I should have named a block that spun out with the points in the centre rather than one the edge as in my block

To me this block suggested someone playing that game where they are blindfolded and they try to find people with someone calling out 'warm', 'cold' or 'warmer'. Their arms are outstretched as they are Reaching Out trying to tip someone.
C42 Reaching Out

Within was named because you had a star within another star
C42 Christabella

Christabella came from the fact of the fabric being beautiful, so bella and Chris was a friend who gave the fabric to me.
C42 Within


BOM 42 - Christabella

C42 Christabella

The beautiful (bella) fabric for this block was given to me by Chris, one of my students several years ago and the name is simply the joining together of the two words.

Collection 41 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 41

What a memory that invokes of those country fairs and the difficult decision selecting our own Fairy on a Stick.
C41 - Fairy on a Stick
Clean Solutions was based on those nuclear free zone signs where people don't think that a significant amount of our medical treatments are now nuclear :-)
C41 Twisted Bunting

I just love watching bunting as it twists and turns in the wind.
C41 Clean Solutions

I'm positive we all had a dress made of the Summer Frock fabric back in the 60s .. or perhaps you have one now as the fashions return to that era.

C41 Summer Frock

As a child I just loved making Mud Pies. Didn't you?
C41 Let Me Fly

The circling birds reminded me of vultures circling some unfortunate prey that simply wanted to be allowed to fly away.
C41 Mud Pies

Halloween  this month's BOM. Don't they look like spooky eyes?
C41 Halloween


BOM 41 - Halloween

C41 Halloween

Yes I know that this isn't the month of Halloween but this block was made in October when I was visiting the US. don't you think the eyes remind you of those eyes you see in Halloween posters and cards plus in the background of all spooky cartoon?


South Bay Quilters

Earlier this year I received the following email from Sue Glass, the quilt show chair for the 2015 and 2016 South Bay Quilters Guild of Torrance California.  

For our 2015 show, our challenge was 12 ½ inch red and white blocks, and one of those submitted used your block “Patrice’s Gift” from the Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine.  

Since then we decided to use those challenge blocks to make our 2016 opportunity quilt, which is really lovely (red and white of course), but now realize we need to ask permission from the designers of the block patterns.  

I am writing today to belatedly ask your permission, and of course we will give credit to all of the designers on a sign that will accompany our quilt as it travels around the Southern California area and is displayed at our quilt show.  

Would you let me know?  I am attaching a photo of our finished quilt so you can see how the block was used.  

Thanks very much.

Didn't they do a lovely job with 30 very different blocks. Isn't it wonderful to see such talented people who can combine blocks like this and result in such a beautiful quilt.

Their next annual quilt show will be held on 13th - 14th February, 2016. Member quilts and garments are displayed in the show. Members make the opportunity quilt and sell tickets for it, and also donate auction quilts. They meet on tuesday nights. If you are interested in finding out more then check out their web page http://www.southbayquiltersguild.org/index.htm

Oh if you want to buy a ticket in this raffle you will find a link on their web page. There is also a voucher for $1 off the entry. Check it out if you live in the area or are passing through.


Collection 39 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 39

Didn't we all love the bright pink and green Candy Canes that were everywhere when we went to the fairs as children. 
C39 Cotton Candy

Can't you just see this lime green Fluorescent Moss floating in the waterways?
C39 Fluorescent Moss

Chrysanthemums are the most common flower sold in local stores for Mother's Day. I love them but wonder, 'Do all mums like them?'
C39 Tutu in the Snow

You can all just visualise those little girls spinning in their pink tutus even though it is freezing outside. Don't they ever feel the cold. I suppose when I was little I didn't either.
C39 Mums for Mum

New Grid is identical to a block in Collection 29 but reversing the colours means they look nothing alike. It surprised me when I was writing up the patterns to discover that I had duplicated a block. Too late to change!
C39 New Grid

Must have made Monkey in the Middle around the time we visited the zoo.
C39 Reflections

The bright blue simply suggested Reflections and so the name.
C39 Monkey in the Middle


BOM 39 - Fluorescent Moss

Of course it was the colour that influenced the naming of this block. Don't you just love it?


Ghost House

I love it when I come across photos of old quilts that I made many years ago. Ghost House was made for our youngest son Richard. 

He wanted a graveyard scene but it looked so depressing no matter what I tried and so the Adam's Family style house developed into a ghost residence. It is still here at home even though he now lives in Norway. I wonder if he will take it with him some day?


Collection 38 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 38

Hearts and love surrounding a loved one .... what a great way to live.
C38 Hearts Abound

I just love sitting inside watching a storm descend.
C38 Splendour of the Storm

A favourite pastime while growing up was playing Chinese Checkers.
C38 Tempest

Yes you can see the tempers rising as one circles a never ending problem
C38 Chinese Checkers

Yes there are many days that I appear to be going Round and Round and at the end have nothing to show for it :-(
C38 Strawberry Shortcake

Can you guess another favourite food of this family?
C38 Round and Round

Absolutely no idea how Couer d'Or came to be named as such. The words mean "courage of the gold" in French.
C38 Couer d'Or


BOM 38 - Chinese Checkers

C38 Chinese Checkers
As a child my family loved to play Monopoly. I however loathed this game as it was always cut throat. Chinese Checkers on the hand, even with everyone's desperate desire to win, was not so. Even if you lost you had to have taken some of your opponent's marbles off the board.


First Quilt

Isn't this cute? I am just starting to convert my old photos into digital version and came across this  photo of the very first quilt I made. Isn't it a wonder. By the look of things they were about 20in square. All hand cut with a pair of scissors and many were cut on the bias so the design would go diagonally. You can tell I knew a lot about quilting. I made that quilt in 1984.... Wow I hadn't realised it was so long ago. Unfortunately I discarded it when I learnt how to make proper quilts :-(
Rolling on the quilt is my eldest son, wearing another of my creations. I used to sew clothes when the children were young. It saved so much money, that we didn't have and filled in so much time, that I also didn't have :-) 


Fabric Needed

Well I'm in desperate need of some more of this fabric. It is a Debbie Mumm made for South Sea Imports .. many many many years ago. By my calculations I have exactly the amount I need ... if I make absolutely no errors and manage to cut everything with only the minimum amount of seam allowance which is not going to happen as I intend to foundation piece this and so will need 1/2in seam allowance rather than 1/4in.
Oh the colour is a yellowy mustard.


Collection 37 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 37

There is always a special private temple within the public one that visitors see.
C37 Temple Within

Yes I agree I have never seen a Fish Kiss, but it does look they are kissing if you squint yoru eyes.
C37 Fish Kiss

Not as hot as our Summer Sun but you can still see the heat radiating out.
C37 Stolen Threads

Two birds sitting on the window sill watching as I sew. A thread is dropped and down they swoop.
Summer Sun

Every parent has hopes for their children but at times are discouraged and feel bound within. 
C37 Alexander's Gold

Alexander IS gold. He is a delightful child who will have many battles in life.
C37 Bounds of Hope

The maze may have been easier seen had I used two colours, but then who wants and easy maze?
C37 Twisting Maze