BOM 19 - Place d'Italie

Collection 19
This is an interesting block with its mixture of small and large pieces. I had planned to have six of the smaller triangles in the inner section but somehow misplaced them and as I didn't have any spare blue fabric with me changed the block so that I could sew that night.


Revising Tutorials

As it has been a while since some of the tutorials were posted I thought this would be a good time to write a quick summary with links for people who have joined recently.

If you are new here, or even if you have been here a while but didn't know, at times people have sent in suggestions to help others. Here is a round up with links to previous posts.

Foundation Piecing -
How to plus a couple of simple beginners level blocks here

English Paper Piecing
I have only ever used EPP with 1/4in hexagons and didn't use it for Raconteur but Carol swears by it. She was the one who asked for the templates and if not for her request then there would have been no EPP templates.
Sue Daley has made a series of youtube videos about EPP. These appear good but I found that one needed more patience than I had to use this because of the size of the pieces. The video demonstrates with large pieces.
I have personally found that if you want to use glue with such small pieces then Roxannes glue is the best because of the fine applicator
This post talks about a site by flossie cakes and the wealth of information there
Post about a new product for EPP. I haven't tried this product yet but Sue Daley is well respected in Australia and is know as the queen of EPP. here

Applique is a method I have never enjoyed. You will be surprised to find that I have pieced many blocks which others may do using appliqué. This post provides a list of links to various appliqué sites.

Photographing Your Blocks
just a few suggestions on how to take photos of your blocks to make it easier form to photoshop and upload them. Btw if you want a copy of your cropped photo just ask me when you send it in and I will happily send it back to you. here


Carol & Collection 58

Collection 58

Well Carol has definitely been steaming away whilst I have been overseas. Collection 58 .... almost to the end. Then we will have the fun of seeing how she combines them. I joined the blocks so that the colours complemented each other with no preconception beforehand. This is a sampler for her to join as she wishes. Can't wait!
C58 Smiling in Red

Smiling in Red and Celtic Gem I recognise both of those fabrics. Would check to see where they were in Raconteur but it is amazing how hard it can be to track down a particular fabric in that quilt.
C58 Celtic Gem

 Stripes would have to be my favourite, every wonky ones
C58 A New Kingdom

Garden Party would you believe me if I told you that there are seven different fabrics in each triangle ... and the triangle is less than 2in high!
A New Kingdom was designed in the middle of the night... no wonder it has so many tiny pieces. No one in their right mind would 'plan' on that many pieces!
C58 Garden Party


UK National Quilt Championships

Well I received a fantastic email this morning ...... read below....


Hi Cinzia

 I’m not quite sure how to start this! So here goes:

Katy has left a message with your son via the phone number on your Sandown Quilt Entry form for T 02 ‘The Raconteur’s Quilt’.The message is as follows:

Your quilt has won awards in these categories –

Sampler award
Pieced award
Theme category winner
Overall Runner Up

I’m sure she said that you are currently out of the country, but we thought you’d like to know at the earliest possible moment – well done! If you have someone who you would like to nominate to collect your trophies and rosettes at the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 pm – and they are able to attend, let me know and I’ll make the necessary arrangements.

I know it’s a bit late in the evening, now, but I’ll be in the office from 0730 in the morning.

On behalf of all of us at Grosvenor, can I offer our congratulations on your success. Without quilt entries there wouldn’t be a competition, so thank you for entering your quilt – dare I say ‘your mum would be proud’.

Well done, speak soon


My son will be surprised when he finds out. I'm not sure when that will be as he only switches his phone when he KNOWS that he will be receiving a call :) Definitely not one of the young who feels he must stay connected.


Getting Closer

Collection 55

Well what do you think of the great range of colours in this collection. Carol is almost at the end and then the fun begins deciding which blocks will go together. She is definitely looking forward to seeing which colours go with which. .. Me too!
C55 Sneezing

C55 Fifty & Loving It

C55 Fields Lay Fallow

C55 Over the Headland

C55 Inspirations
C55 Peacock Pride
C55 Friday Night Flowers