Scatterday H

In celebration of the fact that I turned 50 on Wednesday my darling husband proposed organising a party.

We planned to have a "remember when" party for many of my dear old friends.

Searching through old photos brought back some dear memories and probably explains why no-one turned up ... apart from the fact we forgot to send out invites.

Back to the seventies was to be the theme.

HOT PINK was the in colour. Everyone who was anyone had to have hot pink hot pants. These were often worn with the matching hot pink POINTY HATS ... sun protection wasn't really in vogue at that time.

Unfortunately another rage for the happy hippies was the common hash which was often smoked prior to that fantastic game of HOPSCOTCH to Oblivion.


Lindi said...

Good ones! Glad I didn't do would have been out shone by your highly risky game!

Michelle Watters said...

Well done Cinzia. Now how many of these photos did you take yourself? LOL

Pennie & David said...

Wow! you look fantastic in those hot pink shorts Cinzia!

cinzia said...

would you believe me if I said they were self portraits/photos /whatevers? No? Well I can always hope in my next life.

Anonymous said...

Is that you in those hotpants? Absolutely terrific for 50! LOL