Scatterday Z

Our esteemed organiser/ torturer threw us out last week with her flippant "Just take three photos of things that start with Z" spiel ... easy or not.  We, the lowly plebs that do as we are directed, set out to unravel what she REALLY meant.

 It couldn't really be to take any three photos ... something was amiss ... 

I pondered this for quite a while and then it hit me .... flaming obvious ... Michelle was in trouble and in need of our assistance  (JUSTICE had been miswritten as JUST) she had of course omitted a couple of letters in her rush to type her plea (TAKES was meant to be written rather than TAKE)  and of course being under duress she hadn't yet been able to correct this. 'Photos of 'and 'photos about' mean the same thing. And we all know what 'things that start with Z' mean .... hmmm   
Of course she meant to type ..."Justice takes three. Photos about. Things that start with Z. " She had had no time to include punctuation and boy can her  statement be misinterpreted when punctuation is omitted/inserted. 
Now that the message had been deciphered the task remained to find out just who/what was she referring to!

Using the international research data base (aka Google) I soon discovered that justice was non other than Zachary T. Paleozogt (aka ZOT) a non-nonfictional character who between 1984 to 1990 fought various villains who were planning to overrun an alternative planet Earth.  
But what happened after 1990 ... we are told nothing ... he reappeared briefly in 2000 .. then again nothing ... the talk is that he should again be 'out in June 2 008' .. 
yes we all know what those words mean don't we
 .... examine his life ... associates - criminals ... real identity - unknown ... career structure and propects - none ... pretty pathetic outlook.  
Where has he been?  

I think those words 'out in June 2008' tell us all.  But wait this is only February ... a quick perusal of online newspapers  (again using Google) revealed that in Queensland three criminals have escaped ... assumed to be disguised as ZLIKS.

So that was two parts of the message deciphered... Michelle was still under shock since Zot had apprehended three criminals who had escaped from the local establishment disguised as zliks.  

How had they managed to escape?  That was the next and final question.  Research this time needed to incorporate images ... she had written 'photos about' ... that of course meant there were photos floating about ... they had to be found and soon!  
The usual researching of known animals turned up nought but then my husband reminded me of the Mexican ZONKEY we had seen once when on vacation.  With a name the search was complete and an image found.

Hey would you have preferred a boring story about our vacation in Mexico?

http://tinyurl/2bwdyo                http://tinyurl/yovaqn       http://tinyurl/2z4o3w


Dy said...

Great post Cinzia, I laughted all over my breakfast! :-)
That zonkey has interesting colouring, it's rather nice.

Michelle Watters said...

I truly must be more careful about how I write things LOL. Thanks for getting us all back on track.

Fran Williams said...

wish I'd read Cinzia's Scatterday first, LOL I might have realised it was FritterdaX!

Lindi said...

Huge guffaw! You crack me up, Cinzia. So clever...

aykayem said...

That is totally weird!

... I LIKE weird ... so of course I enjoyed reading this post!

I am sure most people will find it way more entertaining than my measly effort ...

Liz Needle said...

Very clever. And very funny. Have you thought about writing as a career?

Di said...

Off the wall, outside the square,left of centre - any way you look at it your offering this week is wonderful, Cinzia!