Friday Flaunt

Although I finished piecing this quilt quite a while ago... like about two years.  It is only lately that I have actually knuckled down and completed the quilting.  

Machine quilting is not my forte.  Hey I could even go so far as to say I am terrible at it.  Now this photo does not show my latest efforts at quilting but I have managed to free motion all of the separate blocks and now this is what I have achieved this week.... added a label to it!

So Country Stars is now totally finished and I have given it to my brother-in-law as a thank you gift from our dog Kendall.  Peter always looks after Kendall when we go away on holidays and as he lives in Boorowa, a really cold place, this seemed an appropriate gift.

I have also spent most of Thursday washing quilts.  A friend of mine is moving from a six bedroom house to a two bedroom villa and so needs to cull drastically.  She has in the last few years made many quilts and as she is changing her style, from country to french provincial  I will be selling many of her quilts for her in the near future. Unfortunately it rained most of Thursday so heaters have been going flat out all day.... almost finished drying.  I suppose I could have waited for a sunny day but hey that is a bit forward thinking for me. 


Linda said...

Hey, your free-motion machine quilting looks pretty darned good to me! I like it!

And wow...what a lot of work to make a label this week. Heh, heh. Where's a picture of it? Let's see, let's see.

cinzia said...

I never thought to photograph the label... maybe next time.

RuthP said...

I have just had a good time catching up on your blog.

Julie said...

Love the stars, it has reminded me I have a project somewhere that has similar stars....might get it out for next weeks flaunt?

aubirdwoman said...

love the quilt, and your quilting is most impressive.