Friday Flaunt

Well have finished another block in my Winter Secrets quilt.  This is the sixth in the series which when finished will hopefully look good together as a quilt top. 

 I have really enjoyed making these blocks and actually using some of my many embroidery threads.  As there are 56 separate hexagons in the design I have attempted to use 56 different colours.. what is the point in having lots of colours if you never get to use them all?   

These blocks developed from my Raconteur quilt, which I have only finished just over 200 blocks for so far so there is still quite a while to go with that one:)


Banaghaisge said...

That is stunning!!!
Haven't got anything to flaunt this Friday - still trying to get my John Watts frame together (it only cam eon Wednesday tho...).

Sally Westcott said...

So pretty Cinzia! My flaunt is on my blog - a bit of a repeat!

Jas - Flaunt that quilting frame - I would if I had one!



aubirdwoman said...

I love embroidery. that is going to be a very interesting as well as beautiful quilt.

Frou said...

Oh, this is lovely...

Julie said...

Such a lovely block! These hexagons can be really addictive!

margbell said...

Flaunt on QQ. Those hexagons are looking fantastic!!