Stolen Copyright

Just received this email from a friend.  If you see the pattern being sold could you  please note the name of any contact person on the cover and let Liz or myself know.  Thanks.

Hi there,

..You will find updates on my web site (that’s as soon as I manage to get information uploaded) and also a free pattern – “Bear Hugs”.

This freebie has come about because I discovered just recently much to my dismay, that someone has been photocopying & selling my patterns wholesale. I have never sold any of my patterns wholesale & I understand that someone in the ACT may have been selling them at a quilt show. Now I don’t know who that person is, & instead of becoming bitter & twisted, I have decided to make it available to anyone who would like a copy! In fact this solution has made me feel very happy & I hope that you will enjoy making this little quilt – it has given me great pleasure. J


You can use this pattern to make quilts, teach if you want to, but I would appreciate it if you respect me as a designer & do not on-sell this pattern.


Elizabeth @ Berry Patchwork J

Oh also, if you want the free pattern keep checking back on her web site as it is being updated at present but things should be fixed soon.

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