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Well I can't believe how busy I have been. I have been trying to get organised for this weekend's retreat plus write instructions for a few patterns and in the midst of this we had a visit to Brisbane. Took some lovely photos while travelling and figured that I would upload some.
The collage above is a collection of photos of homes which I lived in as a child. Isn't it amazing how our memories remember things. When I lived in these homes they were beautiful but the years have not done them any favours.
We never lived in the middle house but it is one I have always loved. When I was young it was to me a palace with two huge lion statues guarding the entrance. I have always wanted a majestic entrance and I think it is because of this house. Unfortunately arsonists visited it a while ago and there is little left of my dream.
My happiest home was the one on the lower right and it still looks well loved.

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