Really Super Flaunt

Well what do you think of this for a brag? I am now an online designer with Christine Abela's ecraftpatterns. Check it out. I am there.

Yes I know it is bragging but I can't believe it... especially the part where I actually managed to get organised enough to get my design instructions converted correctly to pdf. Yes I know everyone says it is easy and it probably will be next time.. especially if I don't start out with a table format, but that is another story.

My first pattern is one which I drew up for a friend of mine who wanted to begin teaching patchwork. It was perfect for a beginning teacher and also for a beginning patchworker.

Again you can see Paul's watermarking .. for those who asked for a tutorial he will provide this once he can remember how he does it. He is still at the "I think this is what I did last time" stage.. but getting faster.


Frummie said...

Wow!, you deserve the right to brag. I would have taken out a TV and newspaper ad...LOL
Again, congratulations,

Sally Westcott said...

That is a fantastic flaunt! I wouldn't know where to start!

PS Do you think I could flaunt a 3 day forensic camp for 23 kids? That all I've had time to to do this week! (Oh and a few purple and green inchies)