Frenzied Friday - Hilde's Camels

Well I have finished three quilts in my quest to knock down the number of UFOs and I now plan to make a start on Hilde's quilt.  Hilde is Richard's girlfriend and when they were recently in Dubai she saw a quilt she fell in love with.  Richard, being the loyal son that he is said that he didn't think it was as good as what I could make and so I am now in the process of designing a camel quilt.I had lots of ideas and sent these over to which he responded she wants identical camels in plain fabric on plain background with plain borders framing every block just like the attached photo.  
 Well thankfully for me, if not for Hilde, my supply of plain fabric is nonexistent and so I figured I would go with tone on tones instead.  
 Hopefully she will like that, as I am certain there is no way on earth that I would ever finish a quilt which only used plain fabrics combined with plain fabrics and which had applique as the main technique.   Although my sons know I love quilting I don't think Richard has registered that applique is not my favoured technique.  Oh well shall give the machine applique a go.
I have used the 1600 quilt technique and am very pleased with the spread of the colours.  Do you like my jelly roll... only took two hours at the local quilt shop to cut all of the strips:)

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