Striped Pyjamas

Well I could lie and say I just whipped this little beauty up over the weekend but that isn't quite true.  While it is true to say that it is a quick quilt I actually whipped the centre up about three weekends ago, the pale light outer border two weekends ago and the final dark border this past weekend.
The whole quilt was made from a few Moda scrap bags which I ordered earlier this year and so it cost me the grand total of less than $20 which I think is fantastic.  The scrap bags weigh half a pound each and are filled with lots of selvedge strips each being about 32in long and with a usable width of 2 1/4in. For me this was perfect as I prefer to have my strips cut parallel to the selvedge as there is less stretch that way.  
This was actually my first attempt at the 1600 quilt although I didn't have 1600in worth of strips.  I might have had that much but I only wanted to use the stripes in the central panel.  I had been trying to work out a quick easy design since the fabric arrived about February and when all of this talk started about the 1600 quilt I thought it was perfect.  
I am really pleased with the finished product ...well it is a topper and that for me classes as finished ..until quilting motivation hits and that won't be anytime soon as I am working on my entry for the Sydney Quilt show next June:)


Linda said...

It's a very pretty quilt. I've never heard of a 1600 quilt. Guess I've missed out!

ozjane said...

Love those scrap bags.
Love that quilt also.