Shifting Sands

Well another 1600 quilt.  This is in fact the only one for which I actually bought a regular jelly roll.  It was also my first attempt at following the instructions... I ended up changing a few here and there as I didn't like some and then I found out a few more errors, like how you have many similar colours lining up together.  I was able to remove some of these by cutting the strip apart and rejoining but even better I figured out how to line up the fabrics before sewing so as to minimise the problem.  If you check out last Friday's blog post Hilde's Camels you will see that I have a more even spread of the colours.  Mind you I still like this one, particularly how the borders turned out, they are in reality straight and even... I am a better quilter than I am a photographer:)
My binding will be the same colours as the first border and the purple really stands out so it should provide a good contrast.
I am really enjoying getting back to blogging.  It is a pity when life gets in the way of fun.

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Diane said...

Love the quilt. I have also made one of these. How do you pre-arrange the fabric strips to avoid color blocks?