Name plz

Well I have finally bordered this quilt.  I had finished the middle ages ago but just getting that border on has taken me about five months.  I decided a couple of weeks ago that rain, hail or shine I am going to knock my UFO numbers down.  I was hoping to get to single digits but will be happy if I can get to under 20.  I have decided that I can't start any more new quilts until I either finish a quilt... that means quilting it as well and is highly unlikely ...or that I finish at least three toppers... so the challenge is up.  
Now for this quilt I need a name..nothing has hit me yet and so it will languish on that front also for a while I am certain.  Most quilts usually suggest a name by themselves but this one hasn't yet.

This small table runner is also another project from the UFO pile.  The little bits hanging off each corner are there because I haven't yet worked out how to mitre them.  I had initially tried to make false mitres on each corner but they looked horrid as the fabric is slightly thicker than regular patchwork fabric... so the brain kicked in and figured I could go with the old fashioned real mitred corners.... only one problem..small that it is .. I can't work out how to turn them.  another job for another day.  Btw the central bits that looked blood stained are actually beautiful roses.
Two toppers down and I only have the binding to join and then I will have another two toppers done... yes I consider the sewn binding to be part of the topper as well as the backing made.  That way when the enthusiasm hits me I only have to quilt them.


Deborah said...

How about "Spinning Ts" because the block is some times called a t block and they have the optical illusion of spinning.

cinzia said...

thank you Deborah, sounds good

Linda said...

Oh, I wish I was there to help you with your miters! I've done them and it's not as difficult as you might think. Basically, it's a matter of folding the correct angle... 135 degrees, instead of 90 degrees as you're accustomed to doing. Jackie Robinson has a binding tool that helps with those odd angles. See the tool here:

and video that you may find helpful.

Desert Threads said...

The name of the quilt is Buzzsaw. It's on It's actually quite an old pattern. Of course you could name your quilt whatever you want.