Well as I have so little to fill in my time I thought I would join this challenge.  Hottie Haven is running her second annual Drop and Give Me 20 quiltathon here.  To participate you need to commit to quilt for at least twenty minutes every day of February... good thing it is the shortest month as that is fits in with my usual attention span...short.                        As I am also trying to finish thirteen quilts in thirteen I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to join two events with one effort..well any effort is a plus some days.
I am hoping that with my twenty minutes a day I can finish quilting Terri's Treats.  I have already totally ditch-stitched it, even had it published in a magazine, but now I will actually use it to improve my free motion quilting skills. So I will use my 20 minutes a day to work my way around the quilt actually filling all of the blocks.

If I finish Terri's Treats then I will hopefully finish off my modified Double Wedding Ring. This quilt was started in 2005, I think and is almost complete.  The photo shows the top section and I have a smaller section that joins onto the bottom.  I love the back, the oranges and yellows, but can't for the life of me understand what made me use those particular colours, green and purple, for the front.  I was probably at a stage where I was determined to get rid of all of my hand dyed fabrics and figured they would look good when combined.  Note to self - if fabrics don't thrill me before joining they won't thrill me after joining. Anyway those are my two targets for the DaGMT challenge.

If you want to join click on the link to the side, read the event outline and give it a go.  The only think it can hurt is your UFO pile.


  1. Love seeing your UFOs. They're so brightly-colored! Good for you to take on 13 finishes in 2013. You know, I did 10 in 2010, but haven't challenged myself to do that since. I'll have three quilt finishes in January, so maybe I should have adopted 13 in 13! As for the 20 minutes a day in February... I'll just watch you do that. I have a granddaughter coming to visit for five days, so I know I wouldn't be able to keep a commitment. Do enjoy yourself!

  2. Oooo! Your colors are just so much fun! I'm so glad you found me and you will be joining us for DaGMT. May you get a ton done!

  3. I also like the bright colors - but I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at old UFOs and think "WHAT was I thinking??"

    See you over at the DaGMT photo site!

  4. Good luck! Your quilts are beautiful!