Scatterday R - The Festive Season

Well Xmas has come and gone yet again and during the festive time I thought it was high time that the whole fat man in the red suit package should be reassessed for future viability. Is he up with the times or just a relic of a bygone day?

Before you read this post there is a question you need to ponder - what is the difference between a moose and a reindeer?

In our small rural community  Santa has advanced with the times and rather than the old tired sleigh he now regularly avails himself of the red Rural Fire Services vehicle. Here he is seen offering lollies to the local children...hmmm!

His reindeer appears quite content to rest in the rear area, but where are the others?  Two days later we visited a local animal refuge where we discovered the others.  These animals were almost straining at the fence for any morsel of nourishment..perhaps the rural fire services vehicle had been used because of necessity rather than a modernising action....hmm!
Is it possible they all are tired from alternate employment.  I am certain that if I had to pull a completely laden sleigh around the entire world in just a mere 24 hours I would need the other 364 days of the year to recover but it appears as though this may not be the situation. Recently in Norway my son purchased the latest in modern kitsch lighting.  This is not an ordinary reindeer/moose light. This is in reality a remote controlled reindeer light. So now the reindeer are required to model in their free time.  
And what is the state of the situation when poor Santa with his red hat must also do second shift as a resplendent pin cushion. Things must be dire in the north pole.

And for the answer to the question... reindeer can fly.



jacaranda said...

We have the CFS come around our area every Christmas, and I still run to the front door, at my age, to wave to Santa. Great photos, but Q, now you really are challenging us. Enjoying the scatterdays.

Vireya said...

Wonderful! A "themed" R collection - I'm impressed.

Joy V said...

Great post Cinzia. But 'Q'- where did you get that letter from??

Pauline said...

Ho! Ho! How R you? I love the light. I saw many cardboard reindeer while in Scandinavia in 2012 and would have loved to have one on the wall but postage was a problem. The light though is OFF the wall in humour!

Liz Needle said...

Clever collection Cinzia. Can always rely on you to set a standard of creativity.