Raconteur Extended

 Well as it is already mid January and I have to have my entry for the Sydney show finished this year I figured I would make some more hexagon blocks. 
This time however I intend to only make enough for the miniature category..who ever heard of a miniature category having a total overall quilt size limit?  Yes I know it's there on all of the entry forms but I hadn't read those before Raconteur was too big.  
And so once bitten as they say... this time around my quilt will be big small enough. 
This is the first block and I have called it A Day at the Zoo, since it reminds me very much of the black and white face of a panda bear. In case you haven't seen Raconteur the blocks have a side length of 2.25in including the border.  This block has 69 pieces.  Well one down and only six more to go!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Could you enter Raconteur into a wall hanging, table topper category instead?

Linda H. said...

You're a bit of a crazy fiend when it comes to making detailed blocks, aren't you? I'm asking that in the kindest way.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a tiny block, Cinzia!