Another Great Link for EPP

In the Raconteur yahoo group there are some links to useful sites. These have been added whenever anyone recommended it and until now I haven't had a chance to actually check them out.
Today I decided to have a look at one of these, flossieteacakes and found it a wealth of information.
Although Florence says it will be just a quick post she does give a lot of information, so this is another brew up a coffee first type of web pages. The post was written from a beginner's point of view as she has only recently started using this method so is perfect for those of you who have also decided to try it particularly for the miniature Raconteur.
Just a short summary to the topics she covers
  • What is EPP?
  • Fabric Choice 
  • Books and Patterns and Doing Your Own Thing - 
  • Paper Choice 
  • Creating Shape Templates 
  • Making the templates for cutting the fabric
  • Cutting the Fabric 
  • Basting the fabrics around the paper
  • Wrapping the fabric around the paper
  • Thread 
  • Thinking about needles
  • Types of stitches - whip stitch vs ladder stitch and how many stitches
  • How to sew it together
  • clever tips
  • Storage
  • Removing the papers
  • Over to the experts
Lots of good information and worth a cup of coffee.

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