Scatterday Zealot.... Not here

Well I realise that Z is not the easiest of letters to scatter for but as I had included a chicken's escape plan only a few weeks ago with the letter X I thought people might think I was being slack if I included another escape plan....particularly since everyone apart from Christine and me had done the hard slog last time.
So here goes ...without the assistance of the vampire accent either I will have you notice.

My initial draft was to be based at a zoo but once I started googling I found a lot more interesting reading looking into criminals. 'Notorious' was always going to link into criminals. Well here are my stars of the letter Z.

Scott and Zealand Fitzgerald were notorious party animals. Reckless, beautiful and always intoxicated – Jazz Age decadence personified – Scott and Zelda made headlines for their scandalous exploits: jumping into the Plaza Hotel’s fountain fully clothed, joyriding around the city in various states of intoxication, spending night after night partying until dawn with the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein. Sadly, their lifestyle — and their mutual dramatic personalities — soon began to backfire, disrupting their marriage, their reputations, and their health.

Zesty antecheros - now personally I don't think that these are edible however there are at least some Mexicans alive who would swear that I am wrong. Now admittedly t
hese are only number 6 on the list of the most terrify foods in the world and my son's girlfriend was not too happy when she spent Xmas in Australia and discovered that we didn't readily have the ingredients for lutefisk which is number 4 and a regular item at her family Xmas lunch!

So what are zesty antecheros.. they are the eggs of the giant black Liometopum ant. They are highly venomous and have some kind of blood grudge against humans.... I wonder why?
They do have a surprisingly pleasant tast, buttery and slightly nutty

Family what could be more comforting than our families.... how about the Zerilli family. Dad made it to the top and his son Joseph grew up and followed in dad's footsteps all the way to the a five year holiday at state penitentiary when the feds became interested in his interest in a few of the Las Vegas casinos. Before his vacation he headed one of the most vicious Detroit mafia familes. Seems he knows what happened to Teamster president James Riddle Hoffa. Most of us in Oz know little/nothing about the teamsters and I am in that mob but their name did start with Z.

This post was written up the night before I flew out to NZ for the symposium and my brain can't think of a ZZZ apart fromt hat is what I want to be doing now.

Back on  Wednesday...hope those who are at the Scquilters retreat are having a ball of a time ... I'm going next year.


Vireya said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time in NZ! You obviously had that on your mind - "Scott and Zealand Fitzgerald" gave the game away.

Pauline Mitchell said...

I enjoyed the family link....tenuous as least but well worth investigating. I thought your surname might have been the reason for a Z- family! Taupo is one of the mostv beautiful places on the planet. Have a coffee and cake at the Robert Timms coffee shop opposite the Lake. It is one of my favourite memories of NZ. Buon divertimento!

aubirdwoman said...

billiant, hope your having fun.

jacaranda said...

Wow!!! what a post of Z'z. Hope you are enjoying the Symposium. Post some photos of what classes you are i please.