(k)Nees rule the Scatterday

Well this is an easy Scatterday post. During the past fortnight I have been to my knee specialist, had an MRI.. not a happy way to spend an hour or so... Torn cartilage it seems is the cause of my pain and swelling. Day surgery will be needed but as I am off to NZ for the quilt symposium in a couple of weeks and then the surgeon is off the NZ for skiing with the mates, then Paul is in for a new knee the following week (and we couldn't get a job lot discount either) looks like mine won't be done until probably September.

For celebration I think I can submit Paul's new knee as that will be a cause for definite celebration.. so we are having a new (k)nee celebration. I have even decided to make a cake to celebrate... in truth I have decided to make a cake as Paul won't be home to prevent such event happening... I need to lose a few kilos and he is helping as best he can by keeping my nose out of the pantry and fridge. He is also refusing to cook any nasties (interpret that to mean sweets) until I reach whatever stage I want that he doesn't have to feel guilty for feeding me all of the sweets I love. You have to love old google I did a search for "cake decorating knees images" and this is it..even I could manage this decoration as it is simply a picture that you stick onto the top of the cake.... so cooking a cake is the only hurdle.

Here you can see a photo of the nasty ocean between North Beach and New Zealand.  this nasty New Zealand section, of the Not North Pacific Ocean, is known to many people as the South Pacific Ocean. This photos was actually taken in NZ and again found using google so we have here

Notions sewing room is the home to just about any notion that was ever invented I was going to photograph my favourite, well present favourite anyway, but it can't be found so of course google again to the rescue. So what is this well it is a left handed ergonomic rotary cutter and it is great. I bought it earlier in the year when I had horrid RSI. Now that I only have moderate to severe RSI I can't find it but am not as stressed either about it:) Here is the right handed version. It's a great little cutter and a=was very easy to learn to use with my left hand.


  1. Great post this week, sorry to hear your knee is not too good. Know how you feel, with my hip. Enjoy the Symposium and let us know what classes you took and how it all went.

  2. Love your Not North Pacific! You always make me smile.

    Hope your knee doesn't give you too much trouble before you can get it seen to in September.

    You pull "Z" out of the hat then skip the country? To eN Zedland even? I smell a rat!

  3. Great post! Love the key ring deco. Our group is showing its age with joint procedures! Keep up the great work of keeping out of the pantry. Your knee op recovery will be much easier if you can shed kg before the op. crazy as it sounds...WALK and you'll improve all your muscles for strength post surgery n rehab. 'Z' sounds interesting?

  4. Finally got to posting my N today and catching up on everyone's posts - great lot of photos.
    Time to start thinking about Zzzzzzz ;-
    Best wishes for your op.
    Cheers Wendy.