Carol's favourite method

C31 Floating Star
Well did you find the cat's eyes in the previous post of Carol's blocks? The smile was worth the search.

Another two blocks from Carol.... I hope to catch up with her photos soon but I am having difficulties with photoshop :(

C35 No Way Out
Now although I am positive that Carol pieced these using English Paper Piecing I wish to tell you all that it is possible to do this with regular piecing. Yes those little hexagons in No Way Out are tiny... very tiny .. maximum of 1/4in along the edges but I find EPP such a painful method so thought I would see if they could be pieced in the normal way. Admittedly it did take a few seams to get the hang of it but after that it was full steam ahead and I am sure this was one of those little blocks that only took about four or five hours to make. Yes somedays I am warped but I do have perseverance.

Oh for anyone wanting a tutorial for EPP you can't go past Sue Daley's you tube tutorials although she does demonstrate with larger pieces than those of Raconteur. 

With really tiny pieces I have found that a drop of glue to hold the paper into place while tacking the seam allowance down makes the task so much easier. Also as the pieces are so tiny I find that Roxanne's glue is the best as it comes in a bottle with a fine syringe like tip. I have been told that Elmer's school glue is just as good and a lot cheaper ..and is even available in Australia in Officeworks. However I don't know of another source for the bottles with the fine tips. 

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