Carol is speeding along

C34  Through the Roses
Well didn't Carol pick the perfect fabrics. Her green path represents the path that always meanders through the old fashioned rose gardens found in many traditional city parks. Wollongong, which is near where we live has the most gorgeous selection of roses and they are beautifully maintained.

I have always loved roses and once they were even well maintained and were the envy of others living in the area. 

This may have been perhaps due to the fact that I lived across the road from a college which had a horticulture section and they were more than happy to bring their students across the street to practise on my garden and I was more than happy to let them do as they pleased.. I am a quilter not a gardner.
Doesn't everyone dream of being a star?

It doesn't need to be in singing or theatre. It can be in anything you want to try.

My mother tried to teach me that but it took me many years to understand. Follow your heart and you will shine like a star.

C34 Follow Your Heart

C34  Blue Moon
When my delightful mother-in-law passed away she left her piano to my husband. Although he had never played any instrument beforehand he thought he should learn because of this gift. Paul doesn't like classes and so set out to teach himself. The beginning was painful as he is one of those people who would be an ideal student... he always does/did his daily practise.... over and over and over.
With time he improved. It is true practice does make perfect  and now he plays most days for enjoyment both his and mine.
Blue Moon was written in 1934 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. It was sung by many singers through the years including, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.
This is one of the many songs Paul enjoys playing

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