Trying to Catch Up

C30 History Repeats
Carol has been really busy lately, in between what must seem like three thousand family commitments and MANY MANY miles in the car. However she has managed to put together some more lovely blocks and here are just a few of them. Being back at work means I am slower with photoshopping and uploading them but hopefully I will catch up this weekend.
C30 Stories Entwined
These three blocks come from Collection 30. It won't be long before she is actually joining them all and making her own quilt... 
Oh I had better get going on drawing up the designs for Collection 60. Although there were only 59 collections in the original quilt an alternative king size layout needs 62 and I have promised Carol to send her any new blocks I designed so that she could incorporate them into her quilt.
C30 Winter Grass
Where did these names come from?

History Repeats was made after a series of things going wrong...over and over again... you would think I would have learnt from the first mistake :(

Stories Entwined I felt that the separate sections looked as thought they had taken something from the sections beside and so they were entwined together

The fabrics used in Winter Grass suggested that title. 

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