Another Way to Finish Backings

Well I don't think my photoshopping has shown this too clearly but here you have Carol's quilt in progress. Her method is different from mine and I thought people may like to see her way of doing things.

After completing the collections she quilted them with only the top and the wadding, no backing fabric.

Next she machine stitched her quilt backs together in two sections using the same colours as she'd used for the collection frames. Above left is the beginning of the joining process and to the right you can see half of the quilt. There is another section similar to the below one but without the middle row. 

The back hexagons are cut 1 1/8in larger than the quilted collections. The backs are then joined using 1in seam allowances. If you look closely at the photo below you can see the large seam allowances.

The quilted collections are next placed into the backs with the frames being the same colour as the backing and the extra backing fabric is folded over onto the front covering the outer edges of the collection. A small hem is folded and the extra backing fabric is folded over to meet where the outer border of the collection is joined to the collection centre. I made the picture larger so hopefully you can see her pins holding the backing in place on the front. Using the same colour backing as the frame means it is impossible to tell that you are looking at the back fabric framing all of the collections. 

Quite a clever bunny isn't she!

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