Collection 26 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 26

Have you ever stood on a bridge watching as petals float below in the flowing water? Isn't it the perfect way to spend those hours?
C26 Petals in the Stream

In Oxford Penny Lane is just down the road from where my son lives. Delightful name isn't it?
C26 Up or Down?

Up or Down? absolutely no idea where this name came from. It must have just felt right at the time.
C26 Penny Lane

Consternation I felt a triangular centre would be a good alternative but then unsure as it seemed unbalanced placed on the flat rather than on point
C26 Consternation

Debutante Ball... do you remember your first ball? How you felt everyone was watching as you and the other girls danced? It was fun and we were young.
C26 Castle Keeper

The old castles had a guard's post, known as a keep, at each corner whilst in the middle was the treasure.... the royals.
C26 Debutante Ball

Spring Blossoms, yes I realise that blossoms are usually pink or white and the surrounding sky is blue but this still seemed right when I named it.  
C26 Spring Blossoms

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