FMQE Success

So after two weeks of ditch stitching with my FMQ foot I can honestly say that Helen was right. With practise I am improving. When I concentrate and watch just what I will be quilting next, rather than later in the project, I find that I can be rather accurate. I was using my BSR initially but found that it seemed to stick and so I resorted to the old darning foot and although my stitch length needs working on I am improving on stitching in the ditch. I even managed to keep up the practise for ten days out of the fortnight so that is also pleasing.

The tools that I found most helpful were the extension table, but this goes without saying as it is impossible to manoeuvre a huge quilt without having some space to work on.

Also extensively used was the supreme slider. This is like a large Teflon type sheet that sticks to your extension table and then allows the quilt to be moved with less tension than usual. You can check it out here. If you decide to get one check out Judy's site everyday as January is her birthday month and she has a different special each day. In previous years she has offered a choose anything in the store and receive a discount. Discounts vary, depending on the product and the special she has going that day.

Another tool that I found very helpful are the Grip and Stitch quilting disks. These are also available on Judy's site here. They work similarly to the gloves with the rubber finger tips, except they are easier as when you want to use your bare hands you simply let go of them.

My target for the rest of the month is more of the same. I have several quilts that I can practise on and as I expect to be starting to quilt the wedding quilt sometime in February I have room for further improvement before that day.

Now off to see how others are going.

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  1. Wow Cinzia, that's great, and only two weeks into the challenge.

    The challenge is such a great idea, even though I haven't been able to get near my machine you are keeping me motivated and enthusiastic.

    Was very interested to read about your decision to press open your seams, will have to give that a go.