Frenzied Friday Flaunt

Here it is..Mud Puddles.  

This is my version of Hidden Wells.  I had gone to a lot of trouble to carefully calculate all of the little bits so that they fitted together and as you can easily tell, they do fit.  Well perhaps those extra borders weren't really in my original calculations and plan but some days life changes things and mathematics isn't as accurate as it used too be... that is why whenever I need to calculate fabric I do so very carefully ... and then buy an extra metre :0


Linda said...

Very nice quilt, and probably more work than it looks. Love the fresh, new blog look too.

Fran C said...

Lovely 'muddy' quilt, I love Hidden wells it is such a versatile way of putting fabrics together quickly.

Kate quilts... said...

Lovely quilt, Cinzia - muddy maths or not. :)

CarterQuilter said...

I love the colors and the design.
Wonderful job!
I bet it looks even more glorious in person.

Thanks for sharing.
Cindy in Seattle

Julie said...

Mud Puddles such a great name!

Dee Soden said...

I enjoy looking thru your blog.
Q. How do I get a Friday Flaunt turkey button for my blog???

Frou said...

Like the colour choices, haven't tackled Hidden Wells as I'm strictly a by hand girl!

Dorothy B said...

Lovely quilt and i like the quirky name you came up with