Rhonda's Quilt

I would love to say that I made this quilt but truth be told I selected my fabrics and copied a few of the hearts onto the vliesofix about three, or more, years ago and that is as far as I went. yes this quilt was destined to be another WISP, Work in SLOW progress.

My friend Rhonda had made it, in 1997 if you read the label and I had admired it for many years. Unfortunately I had never managed to really make a start on it which as it turns out was quite fortunate. You see Rhonda has moved from a huge four bedroom country home to a modern two bedroom villa. With the change of abode also came a drastic culling of possessions and a change of style. This meant that the quilt no longer fitted in.

Yahoo!!! It now resides in my place! Aren't I a lucky bunny?

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Kate quilts... said...

Why yes, you are a lucky bunny! LOL