Friday Flaunt

Well I have a double flaunt today... I have finished this little scissor fob which is as tiny as it looks and was great fun to make. 

Also this post is a little early as on Friday I am off to the Canberra Quilt Show.  Looking forward to the break as I have been unbelievably busy lately.

It will be great to simply relax and look at things rather than rushing around madly trying to do six days worth of things in three.  
This will be my first non-frenzied day in ages :)


ozjane said...

That is lovely. I have a few of these that friends have made but you are all too clever for moi.
I love pretty bits and bobs, and would love to have an old fashioned silver chatelaine one day.....maybe to take to the nursing home........oh dear!
I think I am working on the principle that if I talk about it then it will never happen.

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Cinzia,

Any chance the pattern for this delicate one? It is beautiful.

Thanks for your comments about my Fairy and Dragon babies. Fusable pelon(can't spell) is the answer. That is how they are so firm. Oh and lots of satin stitching. I have no idea where I found the idea but it does work. I do things because no-one tells me I can't! Including me!