Friday Flaunt

Well here it is. I have finally attached the next border onto Turkish Delight. This quilt was started many,many years ago when I decided I wanted to learn how to applique.

At that stage I was also into dyeing and so all of the fabric, apart from the vase and the black are my own hand dyed fabrics.

The lattice design is also my own as the original class had a swag which really wasn't me.

I now need to add one more border as it isn't a really useable size, too narrow for queen and too long for anyother size. I will add another border of floating stars which will hopefully make it king size and then finished.

OH and what do you think of Paul's watermarking skills. He is trying to learn a few more skills and so practises when I ask him for something.


Sally Westcott said...

Cinzia, That is awesome! just love the colours - my colours!

Watermark is clever too! Compliment the maker for me please. Could be possibly give me a lesson in how to do it?

Linda said...

Your color combination just glistens! Truly beautiful! And I especially like your lattice border. It looks really tedious to have pieced, but it's just perfect in that spot. This is a glorious quilt. Great work, Cinzia!

Dee Soden said...


it's wonderful!

can't wait to see the finished article

like the watermark too

Frummie said...

Wow! I am never stuck for words. I am now...WOW!

Sue said...

I love the vibrant colours in your hand dyeds Cinzia and you are absolutely right with the lattice, it's perfect

Al said...

The lattice design is perfect for the quilt, Cinzia - I don't think a swag would have suited at all!
Stunning fabrics, too - I look forward to seeing the finished product.