BOM 9 - Sports Day

I can't believe that we have already made it to BOM 9. Yes I do realise that one of the reasons we are so far up the numbers is because there was no BOM 1 nor a BOM 7 but still this is our seventh month and for those of you who have been here since the beginning this means that you now have enough blocks to finish your first mixed collection. I am looking forward to seeing some of your photos.

The free BOM for this month is called Sports Day and was made at the end of a long day at school. When I first started teaching I taught at a wonderful school which had these great sports days where there was an event for any child who wanted to participate. Many schools now still carry on this idea and I love the friendships that are displayed on these days in particular. This block was to represent the parachute activities that are common particularly when little children are involved. The children hold onto the edge and lift it up as high as they can and then run inside while a few strategically placed adults remain on the edge holding it out.  Laughter always dominates these events.

Oh once I figure out how to do it I will be uploading either the file or a link to the file for finishing off the collection. Check back her in a few days by which time I hope to have worked out how to do it:)

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