Margaret McCaughey and Collection 21

C21 Through the lattice
Well Margaret's second collection is steaming along wonderfully. For this collection she is again using only one colour, just variations of the brown.

When I look at how beautiful her blocks turn out I sometimes regret my decision to NOT use civil war reproductions.

When I first showed Margaret my blocks when I was making them, about five or six years ago, she stated that they would look perfect in reproductions.

C21 Winter Grace
C21 Whirling Wind

C21 The Date

I went home and seriously considered redoing my blocks. I then counted how many blocks I had already finished. As the count was over 100 I knew myself well enough to know that if I restarted I would NEVER finish. 

Also I have found that I am very poor at pairing up civil war reproductions and so I would probably have been discouraged ...  plus what would I have done with 100+ leftover blocks?

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