Friday Flaunt - Constellations

Have uploaded this photo of a quilt I made years ago just to show someone who is on one of my lists that doesn't allow photo attachments and uploading here is quicker than uploading to the yahoo photo files which are a real headache at present.
Constellations is made of 1/4in hexagons and only used light - dark value discrimination for deciding which hexagon went where.
There are only 1801 hexagons in this quilt and from a 2in square I was able to get four hexagons...great quilt if you are a scrooge with fabric. First and last time I did EPP.. too slow a technique if you ask me.


  1. Beautiful little quilt, Cinzia. How big is it? I can't imagine sewing with 1/4 inch hexagons!

  2. Hi Liz,
    it is 17 3/4in wide and 20in high. My first and last go at EPP. The 1/4in hexies I can cope with but don't like the EPP