Scatterdays - sorry

Hi everyone,
look I'm just not getting organised these days and every Scatterday as it arrives just piles on the guilt about my poor organisation and over commitment. I am going to have to pull out of this. For all of you wonderful people who are managing to upload I will continue to upload a new letter and categories every fortnight... there are only five more letters to go.
I love reading all of your posts and will feel a lot happier simply checking rather than feeling guilty about not posting at the same time.
Now to see what people have written.


  1. No worries, Cinzia. Thank you for continuing to host the game.

    You're not the first person to have to pull out. I've got a list of 24 blogs from when we started, but it seems there's only about 4 still able to participate. I hope we make it to the end!

  2. It's getting increasingly difficult for me to do this too, but I'm still game when I can. I understand. Thanks for the original idea - I know lots of people read these postings and enjoy them. And thanks for keeping it going, even if you can't participate.

  3. I enjoy the challenge of Scatterdays. I head off for 6 weeks holiday in a couple of weeks, so not sure if I will be able to continue, but will do my best. Just hope the others won't mind if it will be photos of our travels for the letters. Thank you Cinzia for the game, had a great time using the brain for the challenge.

  4. I have to agree with everyone else - Thank you for hosting this. ALL of my family are enjoying the 'chase' and now it is nearly to the end I feel I should at least TRY for the complete set! Cheers ;-)