2008 is here!

Yes it is now 2008.  As per other years my desire to remain awake, or alternately wake up at midnight, and watch the fireworks did not eventuate.  By the number of empty firework wrappers and containers in the park I assume there was a beaut display for all who managed it.  As there had been less children in the caravan park throughout the last week it didn't surprise me that there were no 'human hour' fireworks display.  Such is life!

So what has the day been like?  Well Richard was finally forced to learn how to iron.  He is departing for Lismore tomorrow and as he only has three work shirts he could finally see the necessity..... mind you he said he would prefer to find an illegal immigrant and hire him/her at ridiculously low wages.  that boy watches too many American TV shows.

I sewed a few more seams on my charm square hexagon and am now trying out some embellishment for my first batch of ATCs ... so far dismal flops .... can only improve.
Diet has gone out the window as there was a bottle of cream in the fridge so a desert had to be made.  This led to three egg whites being left over, which in turn led to a pavlova being made and another bottle of cream being bought.  When that is gone there will be no more.  I bought a fantastic pair of stripy trousers on Boxing Day and can no longer fit into them!

Paul had intended to do some cleaning but came to his senses and so apart from forcing me to go with him out for a four km powerwalk and then a three km beach walk he has been resting.

So there is the start to our new year .... quiet and relaxing.

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