No Scatterday for X or Z

Lament of the Omitted Ones.
Rejected Xmas, excitement and xylophones
Replaced by mass (who needs more of this?), citations and lo phones (think call centres - how much lower can you go?)
Rejected zabaglione, zany zed and Zaire
Replaced by 'a bag lion', any ed (perhaps the talking horse will suffice) and air
Without zeros there would have been no development of higher mathematics .... and without that there would be no internet ... no computers.  
Yes I agree that many of you prefer Eros, the god of love to zeros the god of mathematics but that is another arguement and irrelevant at the present time.  
For thousands of years the scholars have changed and refined our lexicon (word bank). Even in 1700BC when we were birthed in the Mediterranean  there were only 24 of us.  Yet we were seen as an essential component of that original alphabet.  We were needed.  Uneducated traders created all of us as equals.
But now we are rejected, deemed unworthy and unwanted ... no day in the sun for us... no scatterday.  We retreat defeated to a world without excellence ......  without a zephir of breeze to cool you on a hot summer night .... without zest.
The Outcasts ..... X and Z 

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