Scatterday E

The essential elements for this extravagant event extended even the most earnest of entrants. Even so for every essential entry an environment was established and eventually exposed. 

What better example of our exotic flora than this EMBRYONIC  EGGPLANT?  This plant is often enough ignored by the enterprising emporium gardner who elect  the everyday aubergine or purple European Eggplant as the edible entree of choice.
A recent terrifying experience eventuated when my son's bedroom was invaded by an ENIGMATIC ENFANT TERRIBLE. Using what had appeared to be an exemplary sock and some everyday threads this terror was engineered, endowed to him and has now become entrenched within.  The fear that it struck throughout the household needed to have been experienced to be believed.

The festive era has just ended and in this erected edifice as in many others EXTRAVAGANT  WHITE  ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EQUIPMENT was exchanged for an promised elevation of etiquette in everyday ethics.
Where would one be without a thesaurus???


Lindi said...

ROFL! You are this week's Queen of Scatterday words in my book!
Well done, Cinzia.What a shame you posted so early. Some will miss it...I know, I'll make a note at the end of mine.

Pennie & David said...

It would take me the whole week to write up a Scatterday like this one Cinzia... even using a Thesaurus... very funny indeed!

Michelle Watters said...

That's hilarious. I looovve that eggplant. Mine is so boring.

Liz Needle said...

That is hilarious and so very clever. You are setting very high standards for the rest of us. A++ for this week's effort.

Fran said...

Elephantine effort! E++++++