Successful Day

Richard phoned home last night.  He has gone with his flatmate to visit his parents in Ballina for the weekend.  I think this was due to the fact that Lismore is under water and they were unable to go home.  They are hoping to be able to return home after work on Monday.  He is really pleased with all of this and especially since he has been able to join a local surf patrol and will have done a patrol today.  Hopefully they didn't get into the water.  This is looking like quite an exciting work experience!

Busy day.  Finished all of my ATCs - labels and all!!! This set is called "FABulous 2008" and is a selection from the various sets that I made.  
It's funny that when I look at them in their separate sets I have definite favourites but when grouped together here there is no favourite.  Each one was selected for a particular friend as to me they reflected something in that friend.  Pity the picture is in sideways.... might fix it someday.  
It was a great opportunity to try my hand at embroidery in the crazy patchwork.  Although I loved doing it, I didn't relax and so probably won't do any more.  A little bit of beading and couching was again fun but probably won't be done  again. Strip piecing I must say was the most relaxing but to others it probably looks too plain. Might try another set at some stage but right now I have had enough of machine work.

I also finished another block in my mini hexagon but I'm not sure that I will be able to use it in the quilt as the colours look nothing like I thought they would when I cut them out.  Definitely too bright.  
Might add another border around it and use it as the centre for my Roosting Robin.  Will try that out tomorrow better than throwing it out or worse still staring another project just to use it up.  Mind you it was a delightful block to make so I will have to cut another one in better colours.


Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

I love the postcards they are very nice :) Where did you find the pattern for the hex block ? I've never seen a block like that before .

Cinzia said...

The hex pattern is my own. I am making a quilt with about 140 - 180 different miniature hexagons, you can see some of these on my other blog WIPs. Each side is only 2.5in. Lots of fun I must say and very relaxing.

Liz Needle said...

LOve the ATCs. Hope I get one of yours in the 'Cheer Me Up' swap.