Take It Further Challenge

Have finally worked out what to do for this challenge.  Well I have worked out what to do for the background.  My mother in law was a wonderful lady who had an enormous influence on all of my family.  Although she only attended school for a couple of years she enjoyed writing and wrote many profound things in her life.  One of these was a poem "Because You Are My Friend" which my family have kept and treasured.  
I thought that I would print this poem out and then copy it onto the background fabric.  To fill the background fabric I will repeat each line until it totally fills the line but use a different font for the central version of it.  This way at a quick glance one will see lots of writing but then on second look they will see in the central section the poem.  
I am unsure whether I will add a photo of her or what I will do from there.

If you are interested check out the link on the RHS.

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Jacqui said...

Sounds like an excellent start, looking forward to the result