Busy Weekend

C11 - Hunter's Web

C8 - King of Versailles (in the Outback)
C8 - Too Many Thorn
C9 (Feral) Sports D
Well Carol and her blocks have had a very busy weekend. Whilst out with the King of Versailles (in the Outback) and in the midst of her (Feral) Sports Day she encountered Too Many Thorns and a Hunter's Web.  Amazing how if you try you can link anything together..makes one wonder why they don't solve more crimes these days...perhaps due to the fact that fabricating links isn't really the right way to go.
Hunter's Web and Too Many Thorns were two of my favourites. In the original quilt Hunter's Web is actually smaller as I didn't check my printing scale and printed it 'to fit on the page', whatever scale that was I don't remember but I do know that it was my last sheet of foundation paper and so I left it. I prefer Carol's version where the points go right out to the edge... love points in case you haven't guessed:)
King of Versilles was made after a day out with our son. He was studying in Paris at the time and thought we would enjoy the palace, which we did. Carol's busy faric is more reminiscent of the busyness and ornateness of the palace. Well worth the visit and better allows people to understand why the normal people rebelled at the royals considering many of them were starving at the time.
I must say that Carol's take on a sports day is to the point and very true for the average three legged race with senior boys. That is one event I won't miss when I leave work.

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