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I Love Lucy

Crystal Dreams
I don't know where I have hidden the photos from my first day at the recent retreat. As I said in the previous post it was a two day class. The first was hand work while the second was machine work. I had taken more photos than this from the first day but am unable to find them, which is a shame as there were some lovely colour combinations. Hopefully the students will send me photos so that I can share them here.
I Love Lucy - in progress
I have found these four and you can see what a difference colour choice makes. Daiva again used bright colours and decided in Crystal Dreams that the flower should have some leaves. Also using different colours for the vase and the flowers creates a different look again. Daiva is planning, at this stage to back and quilt each block separately and then bring the backing over to the front and join these to form a bag. Looking forward to seeing it soon.... Daiva didn't seem to be someone who left projects to whenever to complete:) She finished three blocks over the weekend and made them all by hand.

Merry Xmas - in progress
Meg's fabrics for both this block and the machne pieced were pale..exactly what I had planned Raconteur to be when I began it. I wonder if she will make all of her blocks is such gentle colours.
Bev loved the machine stitching day and apart from sewing Enter With Care managed to complete all of the sections for Merry Xmas on the second day, even though it was a shorter day than the first.

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