Scatterday S - almost cheating

While I realise that without even trying my sister Charmaine would easily fill all of the required categories this week I think that people would think I had staged the whole category selection thing if I merely posted a photo of her with strawberry ice cream around her mouth and an empty spoon in her hand and as she never sews any empty box would depict her empty stash.
However in the true spirit of this week's letter I have instead included photos and story from a recent retreat I attended.

Last Saturday and Sunday I arrived early at Cobargo for a sewing extravaganza
But alas when I peered into the shed that was to be our studio it was empty.
I worried that I was in the wrong location. With many a fine stitcher soon to descend where were we to stitch. Luckily it turned out that I was looking in the wrong shed but I need an empty so the photo has remained. 
Snippets - Enter With Care - Joy Holmes
Day 1 was a relaxing day of hand stitching while day 2 was machine work. I had actually taken a fantastic photo to use here but am unable to find it so have had to resort to this harried stitcher. Unfortunately one student had trouble with her machine and did indeed resemble this lady fair.
Many colours were used even strawberry, both light and dark for Joy's block. And after a fine desert of strawberries and ice cream everyone agreed that this project would not make a dint on anyone's stash.


Vireya said...

Glad you didn't have to sew in that empty shed!

Pauline said...

I wish I had been a S-pider on the wall. Of the shed when you looked inside! What a contrast to the fun filled weekend you had! The icing on the cake was the bowl of strawberries and cream + the beautiful sewing.

aubirdwoman said...

excellent as usual. Love your way of writing.

jacaranda said...

Fab photos and ideas as usual, you are very clever. Would not have wanted to sew in the shed in a heat wave, it would be like an oven.