EPP Tested

C? USA International
 A short while ago Carol mentioned that she loved English paper piecing. Personally, although I had made one quilt using that method, it was, like applique, not something that I was going to repeat too often.  However I figured that if she was willing to test my patterns for the method I was willing to convert the patterns for it.
Since then Carol has made numerous blocks using EPP. REsearching on the web I found there were two methods commonly used for converting, scaling the patterns or increasing the line width and then cutting on both sides of the line.
Initially I scaled the blocks and Carol liked this method however when I tried it I found I had difficulty when there were many seams that joined onto a single piece of fabric and so decided to try the thicker line method. 
C? USA International
I tried both methods and preferred the cut both sides of the thicker line but when Carol tried both methods she preferred the scaled pattern method. 
I have now added the thicker line templates to all of the patterns but have promised Carol that after next week I will continue scaling the patterns for her. So if anyone would prefer the scaled patterns just let me know and I will also send those out.
Here are her two versions of USA International. Carol found that the thicker line method made blocks slightly bigger that the required size. While I found that the scaled templates were too small. Interesting isn't it.
Mind you when you add the borders and then trim the whole thing to the correct finished size you can't see the difference...aren't border helpful?

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